Magiray HISHERS Tender Plus cooling&after sun gel-mask125 ml

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Multifunctional hypoallergenic preparation based on natural plant extracts. Has an intense moisturizing, soothing, anti-inflammatory and softening effect.

- a soothing mask for all skin types, incl. inflamed, problematic
- biopiling for sensitive or thin skin (mild keratolytic action consists in pronounced hydration of dead epidermal cells - and their subsequent easy removal from the surface of the skin)
- perfectly restores the skin after sunburn, peelings (instantly reduces the severity of the pain syndrome)
- as a mask with a cooling and soothing effect is especially indicated with couperose
- an excellent alternative to collagen masks.

Application: The mask is applied to the visible layer for 10-20 minutes, to strengthen the action from above cover with a plastic film. Afterwards, rinse with warm water or a tonic.

Active ingredients: aloe vera juice, honeysuckle extract, geranium oil, allantoin, salicylic acid.

Magiray recommends the use of a gentle gel mask as a protective agent in front of the sauna, and men as a soothing after shave.

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